D. J. Blackmore


Here is the place you will find out a little about me, my life; my books.

'Charter to Redemption', that's where it all began. It is the first book in the lives of Emma and Tobias.

'Folly' is the thrilling conclusion. 

'Central to Nowhere' is due for release with Australian publisher Rhiza Press in 2018. 

I have milked cows and made cheese. I bartered my Gouda for wine at a boutique vineyard near our home in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales.

I have collected eggs barefoot from the hen-house. Reared babies and Border Collies. A short stint with horses saw me falling off, concussing myself in the process. I broke my best arm. Now I steer clear of animals of the equine persuasion.

Perhaps you will see me mountain biking through bush tracks with my husband. Being married to Australian dirt bike champion and motorcycle coach Paul Caslick resonates with my love of the outdoors, but I'm content to stir adrenaline through the strength of words rather than horsepower. 

Go to a dirt track meeting. You might see me standing on the sidelines to watch my husband's need for speed on a motorcycle. I will be carrying a laptop and a head full of ideas. If you do, be sure to come say hello. If you can't find me there, I'm probably in the rose garden at home.

Being the mother of five is my highest achievement. Writing is a close second. After all, it has been my friend for so many years. We two are inseparable.