D. J. Blackmore

'Charter to Redemption'

is D. J. Blackmore's debut novel. The sequel, 'Folly', is almost ready to go to print. The author has been interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting Commission Capricornia, and was a finalist in the 2016 Australasian Christian Writers 'Contemporary Christian Romance Opening Hook' Competition. Invited to host author talks in her childhood town at Kurri Kurri and also at Cessnock library, she was the honoured guest for Library Lovers' Day. In October 2015, Charter to Redemption was translated into the language of the Czech republic. D. J. Blackmore looks forward to sharing more of her work with readers, as she considers that the gift of a book is meaningless unless it's shared. Currently spending her time writing 'Central to Nowhere' - her contemporary rural romance - as well as delving into an historical work set during the time of the Scottish witch hunts, the author continues the journey with her pen. D. J. Blackmore enjoys nothing better than living her research. She has milked cows, sold honey from her beehives, and made cheese which she bartered for wine at one of the boutique vineyards in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. She has reared Border Collies, collected eggs barefoot from the hen-house, and fallen off horses, concussing herself in the process and breaking her best arm. Not sure whether she lives in this century or one past, the author now tends to steer clear of animals of the equine persuasion, and prefers the slower pace of gardening and grass roots living. D. J. Blackmore is likely to be seen mountain biking through bush tracks with her husband and best friend, Paul Caslick. Being married to a many times over Australian dirt bike champion resonates with her love of the outdoors, but she remains content to stir the adrenaline through the strength of words rather than horsepower, and will be seen standing on the sidelines to watch her husband's devil may care approach on a motorbike, with her laptop and a head full of ideas. She considers being the mother of five her highest achievement.